About me

I began my art adventure as a childrens’ illustrator however, due to it being
such a competitive industry I wasn’t achieving all I wanted to and decided I
needed to seek another route to go down but was unsure as to what.

My mother-in-law has had a love of crafting for years and it was her
who suggested I approach crafting companies with my ideas and illustrations.
I didn’t fully understand how large the industry was until she introduced me to
the crafting channels and websites.

Daisytrail was the first company I contacted, sending them samples of my work
and to my delight they loved them and I am now one of their designers who
thoroughly enjoys creating Glamoureyes digikits for them - they are a wonderful
company to work for.

I have now begun designing my own Glamoureyes stamps both polymer and
digital, another area I absolutely love and which you will continue to see grow.

I hope you enjoy browsing my blog and that you like my stamps.


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